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15 Things That Waste Our Time

May 21st, 2010, posted by Marcie, Tags:

Let’s face it: with the working mom struggle (and juggle), we get overwhelmed. And grrrr… change is hard, I get it. But life’s waaay too short to bother with these NOT OKAY distractions. How many of these things do you do?:

1. “Yes” Being agreeable and available all the time isn’t fair to you, or that wee one. Say “no” now and then — to your job, your hubby, whoever is expecting too much from you. Uh, yourself, maybe?

2. Hair Maintenance Blowdrying, ironing, curling, coloring. Argh. And what about all that nasty hair removal? Legs, pits, brows and vuh-jay-jay. Necessary? Yes. Still doesn’t make it okay.

3. Tech Chatter When we give people an open forum to share anything, we’re bound to get anything, including some freaks. Don’t get pulled into cyber time sucks. These include: the “comments” section on blogs (erps. biting myself in the arse here), healthcare forums (unless you’re prepared to consider cancer or autoimmune disease as a diagnosis for your ailment), and girls, even Twitter and Facebook can suck the life out of you. And by the way, immersing ourselves in the luxurious “necessity” (and feeling of connection) with that smart phone is great, but what we’re really doing is building a wall between us and the real world. If the communication isn’t urgent (like a call from a sick friend or a fire at the office), I say lose the phone and participate in the moment!

4. The Family Bully Maybe it’s an in-law or your own mother who holds your life in a vice — whoever it is, take this little piece of advice from a WoMo who knows: You wouldn’t put up with this crap from a stranger, why are you taking it from someone who “loves” you?

5. Worrying We worry about our kiddos, sure. That’s Mother Nature. But let’s stop worrying about what other mommies think. That’s high school. Leave perfection to the women who have more time: coiffed hair, manicured nails, fancy party cupcakes, picture perfect holiday cards, gifts and goodies for every occasion… need I say more? Embrace your imperfect-ness. It looks good on you. Remember, there’s badness lurking underneath every perfect exterior. Just consider this…

6. Flesh-casing garments Sure we look better in Spanx, but after spending 15-minutes wrangling our bodies, we’re late. And horribly uncomfortable. Save the tight stuff for special occasions only.

7. The Wrong Job Spending hours toiling away at job you hate is an energy drain you can’t afford. Prime that resume and make some changes. You’ll be glad you did.

8. Hangovers Hey, a nice mutual shot among friends is a great way to celebrate just about anything. Likewise for that forth glass of vino when we’re out with girlfriends. Beyond that, we’re only asking for trouble.

9. Bad Television Don’t hate me. I LOVE reality shows too. But there’s got to be a limit for consuming exceedingly bad TV. Admit that it’s addictive and don’t be a junkie. Jersey Shore?… come on people!

10. Meetings Ask yourself: is this really necessary? If not, skip it. If we just stop sweating the small stuff and asking the wrong questions, we might actually have time to focus on tasks that will really make things happen.

11. Returning I CANNOT possibly put into words how much I personally hate returning items. Buyer’s remorse? Horrible gift? Thought it looked fab in that dark, cramped dressing room (with the skinny mirror)? Or worse, returning that late night online shopping buy. Aahh. Kill me now.

12. Guilt Use it or lose it. If you can’t use guilt to make the necessary changes in your life to feel better…well then, lose it altogether! Guilt is what happens when we don’t change something that needs to be fixed. Either that or the expectations aren’t realistic.

13. Waiting Got a boss that should reward you, but isn’t? Craving a date night (uh, sex) with the hubby? Want to go to the gym? In need of a girl’s night? Don’t just stand there waiting for someone else to make a move, get going! And tell that doctor you made an appointment for a reason.

14. Movies Speaking of date night, stop going to see remakes and sequels and make one of your own. Let’s be honest, date night is an invitation for sex. Skip the courting formalities and remind your hubby that you’re a sure thing. Grab a drink or dinner and go straight to the good stuff.

15. Driving If you can text during your commute because you’re at a stand-still on the freeway, adjust your schedule by an hour. If you’re day has you darting about town like a FedEx driver (only you’re delivering children instead of packages), adjust their schedule. Face it: we spend hours in our toxic car-bubbles. Change the timeline or invest some time in finding carpools.

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