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Don’t You [Womos] Hate it When …

January 18th, 2011, posted by Aimee

With the post-holidays return of eleven-hour, dawn-to-dusk workdays, it’s been really hard to muster up enough energy before bed lately to post anything remotely insightful, let alone entertaining. But in the spirit of the show must go on, I will turn to my ever-reliable secret writing weapon: self-deprecation. That’s right. I’m never afraid to throw myself under the bus once in a while in the pursuit of a good laugh. Plus, these lists tend to flow like butter when writers’ block hits. So, here goes … another round of

“Don’t You [Womos] Hate it When …”
o You get halfway to the train station in the morning before realizing you have forgotten to put a bra on that morning … and you’re wearing a thin T-shirt. Nice.
o You forget to change your Facebook privacy settings before letting loose on an anti-client rant last night. Uh-oh.
o Speaking of Facebook, you see all your non-working or childless friends complaining about “no time to get to the gym” or about suffering from insomnia in their posts. Please. If you can’t squeeze in working out five days a week or you have to suffer a day or two sans the requisite 8-hour beauty sleep, believe me you’ll survive. Millions of us Womos are walking around you everyday doing so (and we don’t want to hear your bitching!)
o You happen upon an annoying celebrity “working mom” interview or blog post (like this) where she protests to the interviewer that she is “just like any other working mom out there, trying to balance it all and get dinner on the table at night.” Yep. Bet those night/day nannies, personal chefs, personal assistants and personal trainers/in-house gyms don’t lighten her load at all. She’s just like us! Not.
o You read yet another article reminding you that “making time for sex” and “scheduling intimate dates” is critical to a happy marriage. We don’t want to hear it, right?
o You reschedule your impossible to get hair appointment to make room for your son’s preschool “pizza party” only to find out your boss has booked you for a new business meeting the following Friday … and your hairdresser isn’t free again for six weeks. Yikes.

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jnichs Says: January 18th, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Aimes, you’re such a great writer – I LOVE it!

JenGirl Says: January 25th, 2011 at 09:05 pm

You are so bitter against any mom that doesn’t work. Not funny. Like home working moms are living the high life? I won’t be reading your blog anymore.

Aimee Grove Says: January 25th, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Sorry to hear that you feel that way. But the blog is meant to be for and about the experience of being a working mom. I realize that my humor won’t resonate necessarily with everyone who does not fit that description. My husband certainly doesn’t find it funny at all. You’re probably right that my envy of non-working moms shows through at times. I do struggle with the fact that I need to work from a financial standpoint and wish I had much more time with my son than I do. Thanks for the feedback at any rate!

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