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Sorry Gwyneth, You Ain’t No Womo

April 14th, 2011, posted by Aimee

There are few things this working mom hates more than hearing a gorgeous, gazillionaire celebrity claim she’s “just like any other working mom out there, struggling to fit it all in … “ Actually, hate might even be too mild a word for the emotions that boil up and make me want to scream at the TV when I see someone like good old “one of us gals” Gwyneth Paltrow on “Access Hollywood” tonight comparing herself to all of us dumb clucks who follow her stupid web site and now will even pick up her damn “cookbook” (making her even more rich) full of recipes I sincerely believe her size zero body has never ingested.

Uh, right. No, sorry, Gwynnie, you’re simply not a part of the Womo club – nor does your life resemble anything at all similar to any of the stay at home moms I know either. Let’s count the ways. Real working moms – no matter how well compensated – don’t have the luxury to pick and choose projects and possibly even take months or years off at a time. The vast majority of working moms actually have to drag their asses out of bed everyday and shlep into an office for long stretches of time away from their kids (no nannies tending kiddos in an adjacent trailer). Their hours are so long that even if they had resources to hire a world-famous trainer to pound their bodies into the perfectly sculpted shape, there’s no way they could find the time to fit it in. Few if any of us can even conceive of having a personal assistant to pick up our tampons and fill the pill prescription at Walgreens, plus the personal chef to take care of preparing healthy, delicious meals each evening for dinner. Sure, she cooks – but I bet it’s once a week “for fun” after a chef buys and preps all the ingredients ahead of time.

And the nannies. Let’s face it: even those of us who constantly bitch about wanting to spend more time with our kids can admit to dreaming about having a team of live-in assistants to watch them while we get a mani/pedi, take a jog or simply get in the occasional solid afternoon of shopping and gossip with a girlfriend without having to plan (and budget) a sitter weeks in advance. With all that help – and the luxury of long stretches of no work at all – it’s pretty easy to see how “fun” it would be to cook up gourmet meals for the family.

Do I sound bitter and envious? Definitely. And I admit to being slight irrational in my negative, visceral reaction to Ms. Paltrow in particular – who didn’t find detest her after throwing Brad Pitt overboard in the ‘90s, after all? But the main thing is that I think real Womos – and SAHMS too, for that matter – deserve the real credit for the real, hard work we do put in everyday, without all the help. Whether you’re dealing with stressful clients and whiny coworkers, or trying to entertain and discipline high-energy preschoolers all day, neither of us has much if any time just for ourselves. And yet, we get through it and keep smiling (most of the time). We real moms rock, and our club does not allow any of the Hollywood set in. So there, Gwyneth.

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