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Birthday Parties, Womo-style

February 22nd, 2012, posted by Aimee

Pin the tail on the donkey. Musical chairs. A piñata. Maybe a little Chef Boyardee pizza making and some cake and ice cream. My baby brother getting jealous of all the presents as I tore off the wrapping paper. These are the memories I have of birthday parties as a kid growing up. Here’s what I don’t seem to recall: o Gift bags filled with sugary, gummy candy, pencils and stickers o Elaborately decorated cupcakes (or worse, “gluten free” cupcakes) o Gifts stacked to the side and never opened until everyone had gone home o Parents hovering in the background sipping beers and chardonnay while we played o Any form of hired “entertainment,” e.g., magicians, the “reptile guy,” martial arts instructors, etc. o Multiple celebrations to capture all the different groups of friends and extended family who wanted to help me celebrate Like most things in life it seems, kids’ birthday parties have gotten a whole lot more complicated and pressure-filled – at least to this working mom struggling to throw together a decent celebration for her five year-old’s birthday more...

Whatever Gets You Through It

February 10th, 2012, posted by Aimee

The other day I found this (see pic below) cocktail napkin among the happy hour supplies at my office (Sidebar: Yes, there are youngsters at my company who actually don’t rush out the door at 5:30 to relieve sitters and occasionally enjoy imbibing in the office during after hours). The saying, "There is nothing a glass of wine and a flat iron can't fix" was so perfect I honestly grabbed two of them – one to pin on my office bulletin board and another to keep at home. It’s pretty much my philosophy … when I’m feeling optimistic. The truth is that wine and my trusty flat iron are pretty much critical to my existence as a working mom. By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I’m literally jonesing for that first acidic sip of Sauvignon Blanc (and second and third … ) and wondering how early is too early to call it happy hour. And my flat iron, well, I truly believe this contraption was invented for the lazy, uncoordinated hair idiots of the world. My trusty iron (along more...

The Bumpy Re-Entry

February 2nd, 2012, posted by Aimee

It’s not exactly an earth-shattering revelation that returning to work after taking time off to be a mom is tough, no matter if that time is just the three month maternity leave your employer doles out or a few years away from the corporate grind really doing the SAHM thing. There are countless blogs and TV shows chronicling the saga of women readjusting to the work force after spending days surrounding by babies/toddlers/bratty teens, etc. I still remember watching Hope from “Thirty Something” back in the last 80s (remember that show?) struggling to leave little “Janie” at home while she fumbled through a return to investigative journalism … and ultimately giving up and going back home. Even right now, I have quite a few friends who are grappling with the challenge of how to get back on the horse – or deciding whether it’s even worth it at all, once the cost of childcare and other auxiliary household help is figured into the equation. These are amazing women, by the way, who were all fantastic in their careers – more...

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