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These Small Hours

May 27th, 2012, posted by Aimee

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I have a fairly vast selection of cheesy pop songs in my iTunes library. But when you can actually pin a bona fide epiphany to a Rob Thomas song from the soundtrack of a Disney movie, you may be veering into pathetic territory. Oh well, so shoot me. In a nutshell, the song in question is “Little Wonders” from (gulp) the soundtrack to the kid flick, “Meet the Robinsons,” and I have always loved the melody as well as the lyrics. But it wasn’t until just recently when reflecting on some recent experiences with Tav – ironically in the car with the radio blasting - that I really started to connect on a deeper level with the words behind the tune. It was a typical day for us – a Thursday “off” for me, shuffling Tav between errands and off to his Tae Kwon Do. In usual fashion, I was flipping back and forth between radio stations, blasting tunes and switching at times to the AM news station, all while more...

TIME’s Toddler Nursing Mom

May 15th, 2012, posted by Aimee

Ah, yes, the TIME Magazine toddler-nursing mom cover … inquiring minds want to know: What does this Womo think of that ridiculous image that has conservatives up in arm and just about everyone across the country freaking out in some way or another? Yep, I hadn’t been in the country more than an hour or two before I got the first email from a family member and then two more friends with a link to the cover, asking for my opinion. Fresh off a Mexican, margarita-fueled holiday, the last thing on my mind frankly was the raging controversy over “extended nursing” and “attachment parenting,” and honestly the first thought to spring to mind was just how ridiculously thin and pretty the model mom looked. No way she was for real (she is, actually … grrh.) But upon second glance to the boy of about my son’s age perched on the chair at her breast and a look at the provocative headline, “Are you mom enough?” I did start to more...

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