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5 Things That Don’t Suck About Being a Working Mom

June 19th, 2012, posted by Aimee

Most of the time I spend this column bitching about all the things that get my goat about heading off to work in the morning while my sweet boy slumbers away in his bed. My life is hard and crazy and how in the world can those SAHMs ever complain to me about their cushy lives, blah blah blah. Secretly, though, I have to admit there are a few nice perks to the WoMo existence. 5 Reasons Being a WoMo Doesn’t Totally Suck It’s a good excuse for being a crappy cook. Well, nobody loves being a shitty cook. But most of us who do lack culinary skills can admit that being able to pick up yummy prepared meals from Whole Foods or take out from the super Indian joint down the street most nights is a hell of a lot better than disappointing everyone on a nightly basis. Friends of mine who stay home with the kids tell me all the time that they feel a ton of pressure to cook great meals every night for their hubbies and more...

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