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Silicon Valley Superwoman … or Fooling Herself?

July 17th, 2012, posted by Aimee

When news hit earlier this this week that 37-year-old Google executive Marissa Mayer – a bona fide “female geek chic” celebrity in SF/Silicon Valley circles and beyond – had been named CEO of Yahoo, reaction from most of the media and fellow female execs on Facebook and Twitter seemed overwhelmingly positive. Sure, Yahoo is a bit like an old dog limping along without much direction these days, but perhaps this cool chica (whose street cred was only slightly damaged by several fluffy profiles in glossy fashion mags over the years ) would be just the fresh blood needed to engineer a turnaround. But then another angle on the story trickled out. Mayer announced she is expecting her first child in October, making her approximately six months pregnant as she steps into the CEO shoes. Morning show pundits, radio hosts and snarky blogs all began to weigh in on the topic of whether a 37-year-old woman expecting her first baby in just over three months could possibly more...

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