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Help a Sister Out

September 4th, 2012, posted by Aimee

After watching Michelle Obama’s speech tonight and feeling moved to tears by her words about helping each other out in hard times (sorry if my politics are showing through, but I definitely think she rocked it), it only seemed fitting to follow in that same spirit of “paying it forward” with this post.

If you read this blog, you know I rarely ever post anything from a guest contributor, but in this case, the mission seemed noble and it seems like the right thing to do to help another “sister” out. I took the survey and am very interested to see what the research reveals. Plus, you might win an Amex gift card. See below:

My name is Lauren Berger and I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at the University at Albany, State University of New York. I am inviting you to participate in my research study of working mothers’ experiences that has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

One of the aspects of a working mother’s experience is how she negotiates her time between work and family. The goal of this study is to learn how specific time demands both at home and at work affect a mother’s well-being.

The link to the study is

You may click on this link to access the study. The survey, including the demographic questionnaire, takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

In order to participate in this study, you must be a married mother, residing in the United States, with at least one child under the age of 18 (who you have full legal and physical custody of), who works at least one hour per a week and is paid monetarily for their work.

At the conclusion of the survey you will have an opportunity to enter a drawing for 3 $250.00 Amazon gift cards.

I am hoping to get as many mothers as possible to complete the survey. If you know anyone that fits the mentioned criteria above, please forward this e-mail/post the link to them!

Thank you for participating!

Lauren Berger, Doctoral Candidate

Department of Counseling Psychology

University at Albany, State University of New York

Albany, NY 12222

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