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Embracing Mediocrity

October 15th, 2012, posted by Aimee

Recently I was at dinner with one of my good friends who also happens to be the CFO of a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup and a hotshot on the fast track to entrepreneurial superstardom. She’s also fantastically witty, stylish, a social butterfly and the mom to two boys under six … basically the kind of chick who makes the rest of us cringe, check our chipped nails and dotty resume before reaching for a second glass of chardonnay to dull the pain of inadequacy in her shadow. So imagine my surprise when, in answer to my question about how she manages to “do it all” in terms of career, motherhood and social life, she admitted bluntly, “I don’t. I try to do the best I can at work, but honestly I basically suck at my job sometimes.” She went on to admit she has simply decided that it was better to find a way to live with what in her mind is substandard performance on some aspects of her job than to shortchange other areas of her life. Given the more...

Best Apps for Working Moms

October 5th, 2012, posted by Aimee

Articles about “easy ways” and “tricks” for saving time and money seem to always actually stress me out. You’d think that friendly glossy mags like Real Simple that highlight “practical solutions” for “busy lives” would grab my interest like a glass of Chardonnay on a Friday afternoon, but in reality I avoid them like the plague most of the time. Here’s why. No matter how much time that recipe or app or website can potentially ultimately save me, it’s still going to take an investment of a few minutes (or possibly hours) I don’t have at the upfront to check it out, download it and then figure it out. For this busy, easily frustrated and endlessly impatient working mom, it seems I never have the spare moments to figure out these time-saving apps, tools, tips and tricks. And so, inevitably I end up clipping an article that starts to crumple in the bottom of my purse and every time I start to panic or sweat with guilt. “I will get around to downloading those” or “I have to remember more...

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