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Yep, I’m a Boy Mom

May 3rd, 2013, posted by Aimee

There is no doubt that motherhood in general is a universal sisterhood. Once you become a parent, you realize the shocking fact that a huge majority of the people in your daily life and walking past on the street have shared the terror, awe, pain and joy of bringing a new human being in this world … and enduring the same endless sleepless nights and frustrating days as you.

However, much we moms all like to celebrate the joint sisterhood of motherhood’s trials, tribulations and triumphs, I have to admit that from my son’s earliest days, it became apparent that other “boy moms” and I shared much more in common. Who knows whether some of the earliest patterns we discussed in those new mommy groups were actual differences or those we attributed to the male sex (e.g., “he’s a typical boy – nurses for 30 minutes straight, not a snacker like the girls,” etc.). The key thing is that we all began to draw the lines and paint the picture of our experience as different from those of the “girl moms.”

Now that my son is six, the differences really are hard to dismiss, as are my own experiences as distinct from my friends with female offspring. And as an extremely “girly girl” myself, it cracks me up that I have thoroughly embraced my role as a “boy mom” in all of its absurdities. Are you a boy mom? Here’s how to tell:

10 Ways to Tell You are Definitely a “Boy Mom”
o At a party with friends, it’s natural to lose sight of your child for long stretches of time while he’s running around outside … while your friend’s girls are still clinging to her legs.

oTiny Lego pieces have found their way into every corner of your home and into the heating vents, bathtub, and even the cat’s litter box once or twice.

o You’ve actually started researching “bearded dragons” and “reptile pets” online for a possible addition to the family home.

o You can hardly imagine the day when your child is going to have an opinion about what he wears to school (let alone dresses himself).

o No sand toys needed for a day at the beach – hands work just fine for finding those ubiquitous sand crabs.

o Crafts? What are crafts? Your child never sits still long enough to draw a stick figure, let alone complete a painting or collage.

o “Run ‘em until they drop” is your motto on weekends and after school, and rainy days are your worst nightmare.

o You find yourself sitting in pee on a fairly regular basis.

o Hearing moms (of little girls) brag about their children potty training before three years old makes you want to gnash your teeth.

o You’ve watched the movie, “Cars,” so many times, it’s hard to imagine Owen Wilson as anything other than a smiling NASCAR character.

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Deborah Says: August 21st, 2013 at 07:35 am

I felt like I was reading about myself! I too am a girly-girl and a boy mom. My son is a teenager now, but I enjoyed your story bringing me down memory lane. I remember turning over rocks DAILY for my son to collect whatever bugs were under there or to study them. We also made “soup” of rainwater, mud, pebbles, acorns and sticks. That was the closest we got to a craft!

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