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The Inevitable Truths of Womo Business Travel

October 28th, 2013, posted by Aimee

Like most working moms, I will never forget my first business trip after returning to the job after having my son. Already scrapping by on less than four hours of sleep a night, there I was dragging a breast pump through security at dawn praying I could make it through the 90-minute flight without exploding (or worse, leaking). During the long and tedious client brainstorm, I would glance furtively at my phone wondering whether I might get a text from Tav’s grandmother wondering where his blankie, binky or the right bottles were stored. And then stealing away into a creepy closet with a door that did not lock to pump, clinging to a snapshot of my son willing the vaunted “let down” to commence. In short, it was hell.

Contrast that scene with my business trip last week, six years later. Comfy bed linens, TV remote to myself all night, room service and only the slightest tinge of guilt at missing my son’s bedtime routine. It’s true what my friends with older kids always told me: It does get easier. And at some point, the occasional business trip can even be a fun diversion from the everyday doldrums of working motherhood.

A few things are inevitable though, so be prepared.

o “All the TV I can watch and nobody else hogging the remote” is likely to mean old reruns of “Law and Order” or cable news shows. For some reason, none of the hotels seem to carry Bravo, Food Network, or HGTV. I mean, why bother?

o Your child will either not be interested at all in talking to you and will not tell you he or she misses you, breaking your heart in a million pieces. Or he or she will lay on the guilt thick, asking why you had to go away and why you can’t stay home with him or her, also breaking your heart in a million pieces. Either way, it’s gonna hurt.

o There’s never a damn thing worth wasting the calories on in that minibar – even if your client or company is paying the outrageous tab. And it’s no fun breaking into a mini flute of Veuve by yourself.

o You will still sleep like crap – despite the 1000-thread count linens, custom down pillows, black-out shades and the lack of both a snoring spouse and an insomniac child. It’s just that way.

o There’s never time to shop nor the room in your suitcase to purchase a truly thoughtful gift for your kids on the trip, but you will feel an insane amount of guilt about not bringing something, anything back. So, you’ll resort to troweling the airport gift shops for the least cheesy (albeit criminally overpriced) toy you can cram into your carryon before boarding.

o You’ll come home late after a long day of traveling, and the house will look like a hurricane hit, the refrigerator will be empty and you’ll find out the kids went to school without a snack/their coats/homework, etc.

Oh well, it’s nice to be needed, right?

Maybe, these are just my truths … I’d be curious to hear what other Womos out there have to say. Anyone?

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Kelly Says: January 5th, 2014 at 04:37 pm

Couldn’t be more right! I just took a job this year where I have to travel for the first time and I hate it. My 9 year old could care less (heart breaking) and my 6 year old gets all weepy at bed one (heart breaking). I hate traveling for work. Hate it! But your points are totally spot on.

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