About WomoBook

So. We’ve been asked if the video was staged or really happened that way. I’m afraid, nothing about that day went as planned, including the (surprise!) goldfish. We were scripted with some great back and forth banter about the book and why we decided to write it. But that got shoved aside when we got the (cough, cough) call from the babysitter. We did our best to salvage our little video, but at a certain point, we opted for “Fabulously Flawed” instead of picture perfect. We put that in initial caps and quotes because it just may end up being our title!

Womoments.com chronicles the progress and topics of our yet to be titled book, WoMoBook.  It is a tragically comic non-fiction narrative about the life of a working mom — “WoMo” from here on out (we got tired of typing). It is a visual treat filled with relatable anecdotes, wry observations, sidebars, quizzes, tips from the trenches and flirty graphics.

We realize (all too well) that few working moms have the time or inclination to read a weighty tome of running prose, and they certainly don’t need another self-help, “how to achieve it all” lecture. Instead, we suspect the vast majority of working girls today just want someone on their side who understands their challenges and has the sass and crass to point out — and in some cases, literally illustrate — the humor and absurdity.

From post-maternity office shock and pumping conundrums to bouts of SAHM-envy and fretful efforts toward getting that lost (Wo)mojo back — WoMo Book creates a unique insiders’ perspective for working moms. With over 60 million WoMos running around in sensible heels, it’s about time someone gave us kick in the ass… and we’re just the girls for the job!